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Teaching at Virginia Tech

Teaching experiences as an undergraduate, Virginia Tech, 2016

Arianna had several teaching and mentoring experiences as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. These included:

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors Reading Seminar (Spring 2016)

Led a course in which we read and discussed three books pertaining to the impacts of media on “Generation Z”, in particular the rise of networks like Nickelodeon.

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors First-Year Seminar (Fall 2016)

Taught a class of first-year undergraduates in the Honors program, in particular about strategies for success in college, obtaining research and other experiences as an undergraduate, and making ample use of the Honors program and scholarship resources.

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors Reading Seminar (Spring 2017)

Led a reading-based course on climate change and the Anthropocene. Included developing course materials, leading discussions, and inviting guest speakers.

Ambassador, General Engineering (2015-2017)

Helped mentor current first-year and prospective first-year students in the General Engineering program, and represented the department at recruiting events.

Ambassador, Department of Computer Science (2018-2019)

Helped mentor current and prospective undergraduates in Computer Science and represented the department at recruiting events.

Teaching Assistant, Biology Orientation Seminar (Fall 2017)

Served as teaching assistant for first-year course in Biological Sciences, including advising and mentoring students and grading assignments.

Summer 2020 HSSP

Short Course, MIT Educational Studies Program Summer HSSP, 2020

In Summer 2020, Arianna co-taught a 6-week course on Bayesian statistics to a group of nearly 40 students, mainly of high school age. This class included Bayesian statistics basics and specific applications to biology. Part of this was a use case for coronavirus research, because this course overlapped with the early- to mid-stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. One specific example was how likely it was that a person had been infected with COVID-19, given that they had tested positive for antibodies.

We also talked about mark-recapture and other ecological applications of Bayesian analysis. See below for the slides from our second session of the course!

Sample course slides here!

Software Carpentries

Workshop, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2020

Arianna was certified with Software Carpentries in August 2020, and since has taught the following workshops:

R and the Shell, November 2020

Python and the Shell, June 2021

In addition, Arianna has been a helper at the following workshops:

Python and the Shell, June 2020

R and the Shell, June 2020

Data Science, October 2020

Short Courses and Lectures

Workshop, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2021

Spark!, Spring 2020

Arianna taught a 90-minute lecture on Emiliania huxleyi and their viruses to a virtual classroom of high school students in Spring 2020 as part of the Spark! curriculum offered by MIT’s Educational Studies Program (ESP).