Teaching at Virginia Tech

Teaching experiences as an undergraduate, Virginia Tech, 2016

Arianna had several teaching and mentoring experiences as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. These included:

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors Reading Seminar (Spring 2016)

Led a course in which we read and discussed three books pertaining to the impacts of media on “Generation Z”, in particular the rise of networks like Nickelodeon.

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors First-Year Seminar (Fall 2016)

Taught a class of first-year undergraduates in the Honors program, in particular about strategies for success in college, obtaining research and other experiences as an undergraduate, and making ample use of the Honors program and scholarship resources.

Peer Educator/Instructor, Honors Reading Seminar (Spring 2017)

Led a reading-based course on climate change and the Anthropocene. Included developing course materials, leading discussions, and inviting guest speakers.

Ambassador, General Engineering (2015-2017)

Helped mentor current first-year and prospective first-year students in the General Engineering program, and represented the department at recruiting events.

Ambassador, Department of Computer Science (2018-2019)

Helped mentor current and prospective undergraduates in Computer Science and represented the department at recruiting events.

Teaching Assistant, Biology Orientation Seminar (Fall 2017)

Served as teaching assistant for first-year course in Biological Sciences, including advising and mentoring students and grading assignments.